Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Our aim is to:-

Provide the best possible standard of healthcare.  To support this we provide comfortable surroundings, well trained staff and modern equipment.  We provide the complete range of services available through primary care and will take every opportunity to expand this range so that you will always have the maximum choice.

We will treat you with respect and courtesy and help you to make the most of our services.  Any advice on treatment will be based on clinical need.  We will always be willing to explain our findings and the advice we give, including the choice of treatment.  We welcome patients’ views on the provision of our services.  We will maintain strict confidentiality over your details and will not divulge any information without your consent.

In we return we ask you to:-

Treat all of us with respect and courtesy

Accept that verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated – any such behaviour may result in a warning letter being issued and in extreme cases police involvement and subsequent removal from the Practice.

Accept that your health is your own responsibility which we can help you with, but cannot take over from you.

Learn from us how to deal with common ailments which do not need professional attention, and how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Keep all of your appointments or inform us as soon as possible if you are not able to attend for an appointment so that it may be available for someone else.

Understand that we reserve the right to remove a patient from our list should they act in a violent or abusive manner.

The surgery does operate a zero tolerance policy. Please find the policy below.

Zero Tolerance Policy.pdf